Are you striving to realise your full potential and elevate your impact?

I coach leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring individuals with a vision that is greater than themselves. 

Selection of topics from previous clients

  • Career progression, positioning and visibility

  • First time C-Suite role 

  • Transition from corporate into entrepreneurship 

  • Gaining clarity and re-defining career 

  • Industry, country and responsibility transition

  • Building a business and growing a team internationally

  • Being stuck in a rut with a feeling of "this can`t be it"

Approach and Results

There are many different approaches to executive coaching. 

I aim for our work together to be a holistic and transformational experience that can touch any aspect of your life - professional, personal, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual or social. It is as much about "doing" as it is about "being". It is about clarity, personal growth, resilience, action and a new way of experiencing yourself and the world around you.


The work we do is always created in conversation. Your story, mental models, goals and challenges are your own, and I will meet you where you are in this very moment. There is no pre-planned mold of a program or script. The prerequisite is trust, a beginners mind and the commitment to go beyond your comfort zone. 

All 1:1 coaching contracts span between 3-12 months on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule. Sessions are conducted online (i.e. Zoom, Facetime, etc.) This way you can contact me from WHEREVER in the world you may be in the privacy and comfort of your own home, office, car, etc. 

Other arrangements will be made where necessary.

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