I Help Leaders and Organisations Create Better Futures

Meet Yana

Consultant, Speaker, Coach & Transformational Leadership Expert

Here’s what I believe: the future is better. It’s bolder, more equitable, and most importantly more human. 

In a world that sees change as a threat, uncertainty as a flaw and humanity as weakness, I find promise, purpose and power in all three. 

Over the past two years I worked with Yana twice. Initially for 12 weeks, because I was unsatisfied in my career. Yana knows how to cut through the noise. She expects 100% commitment from her clients and from herself. The changes that I was able to achieve go way beyond work. In hindsight I can say, it was a complete mindset overhaul. But as Yana always says, playing small doesn`t happen on her watch. 

Thanks to my coaching with Yana I had one of the most productive times of my life! Yana understood my challenges and situation and helped me break away from the self-imposed limitations. I have experienced Yana as a great person with integrity and with a wide range of interests and knowledge. I was very lucky to meet her at the right time in my life.

I was first introduced to Yana through a mutual business contact when I was looking for a German-speaking coach to facilitate a challenging transition. In Yana I found an exceptional sparring and accountability partner. And she keeps pushing me forward.


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt 

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